A break from video game PR….or not?

In my Advanced Public Relations Writing Class we are exploring a wide range of social media. Recently, my class and I each created and submitted a podcast. It was my first time creating a podcast. The topic I chose for my podcast was environmental scanning, the art of researching your outside environment to stop future crises from happening.

In class, our teacher gave us the option of posting our podcasts on our blog. Originally, I had decided not to post it because I wanted to stick with video game public relations as my blog theme. But, then I asked myself why couldn’t environmental scanning be related to video game PR?

The five main steps of environmental scanning, according to Kendra S. Albright, are as follows: Identify, gather, analyze, report, and decide.  To learn more about these steps, and get a more in-depth look at environmental scanning, please listen to my podcast.  It can be found by following this link:


In a previous post, I discussed a video game crisis centered around PR.  If the five steps of environmental scanning were applied to this case, it is possible that the crisis could have been avoided in the first place.  Do you think environmental scanning could have stopped the Little Big Planet crisis?

On a side note, as it is my first podcast I would really like some tips from those of you who listen.  I know I have a mishap here and there, but I would like some creative criticism on my tone, word choice, and whatever else you notice.  Feel free to critique to your hearts desire!


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