The first step

As graduation looms closer and closer, I find myself wondering if I am ready to take the next step.  The path of life is paved and shaped as you travel down it.  I have been lucky so far in missing most of the bumps and cracks along the way.  But now, I find myself facing a path that splits in an infinite amount of directions, with no clue as to what route I should travel.  I am eager, apprehensive, interested, and a little scared to continue paving my path, but have faith that no matter what road I choose I will be ready to deal with whatever comes my way.

This blog will focus on a wide variety of public relation topics, including current events, media topics, and new public relation models.  I have always been interested in finding unique ways to solve problems, so I am planning on throwing in some of my own ideas as well.  This blog will also focus on the bumps, cracks, and trials I will face in the next couple of years as I take the leap from college student to working woman.

I am excited to dive straight into the blogosphere and see what I discover.  Perhaps the blogosphere will point me in the right direction, and give me a head start on the road ahead.  Only time will tell!


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